Professional Teeth Whitening

Professional teeth whitening is just one of many ways to brighten up a smile. In fact, whitening teeth is arguably one of the most popular cosmetic procedures in the world today. Because of its popularity, there is a whole slew of teeth whitening products on the market, from teeth whitening toothpaste and strips, to professional teeth whitening kits and laser teeth whitening– all of which are designed to do one thing– give you a brighter, whiter smile!

While you can pay as little as a few dollars for say…tooth whitening toothpaste, right up to $500 -$600 for professional teeth whitening, there are a myriad of reasons why you should really go pro! Let’s take a closer look at some of them.

Professional Teeth whitening produces faster results

Walk down the dental care aisle in any drug store and chances are you’ll see a range of products designed to whiten your teeth. Just like ‘in office’ tooth whitening or professional  teeth whitening kits, many of them contain peroxide (this is the substance that helps remove deep intrinsic and/or surface extrinsic staining). The difference, however, is that on average, they only contain peroxide levels of around 10%, although levels can vary from one product to another.

Alternatively, the best professional teeth whitening kits – those that are issued by your dentist – and/or those which are carried out chairside – typically contain peroxide levels of somewhere between 25% and 40%.

So why is this important?

The stronger bleaching agent (peroxide) in professional teeth whitening systems have the ability to achieve the same results or better but in a shorter time frame.

How fast can you expect to see results?

Let’s take a look at teeth whitening kits from the dentist. Typically, the first two weeks of treatment will usually produce up to 90% of the total whitening effect whereas, over-the-counter (OTC) kits containing lesser strength gels will take longer.

Moreover, while laser teeth whitening costs may be considerably higher, it’s arguably the closest thing to ‘instant’ teeth whitening you’ll get! Often, shade differences are noticed immediately although your dentist may recommend either repeating the process, or utilizing other whitening methods to help achieve the desired degree of whiteness.

The best professional teeth whitening requires consistency

One common issue that makes home teeth whitening kits less effective than ‘going pro’ is the consistency factor. When people buy OTC products, they often start with good intentions and then for whatever reason, forget or stop when an immediate difference isn’t noticed. While many OTC products work, the best teeth whitening methods are those which are followed to the letter and for the required duration of time.

When you seek professional teeth whitening, you’re accountable to your dentist. They’ll want you to check in from time to time to ensure the right degree of whitening is being achieved because after all… they have a vested interest in your smile. That should be enough of an incentive to ensure that you stick with it.

Pro tip…

If you opt for OTC teeth whitening, then as an incentive, why not pick an event or date in your schedule that you want your teeth whitened in time for. Ideally, try to pick a day when you’re likely to have your photo taken – think birthday, anniversary, weddings or even after orthodontic treatment.

For best results, seek professional, in-office bleaching.

Professional teeth whitening is safe and controlled

Of all the ways to whiten teeth, it goes without saying that despite using the highest concentrations of bleaching gels, teeth whitening methods carried out or provided by the dentist are among the safest methods.


Because they’re carried out under controlled conditions….

As an example, chairside teeth whitening should only ever be carried out by a dental professional. They abide by strict and stringent safety protocols including the use of either rubberized or liquid gum protectors known as ‘dental dams’ and in most cases, the wearing of dental goggles to protect the eyes from splashes.

Alternatively, the best professional teeth whitening kits ensure that only the right amount of whitening gel is used in each tray to ensure the safest and best delivery.

On the contrary, when you purchase OTC teeth whitening kits, you’re very much left to your own devices and as a result, they can be open to misuse.

So there you have it…While it’s true that professional teeth whitening may be more expensive, if you’re after proven speedy results that are both safe and controlled, then you really should consider going pro.

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