Who’s moving my teeth?

Dr. Kjeld Aamodt


I believe in doing what I love to do, and believe me, I love what I do. This means relentlessly refining the science of teeth alignment and working with patients every day. I also teach the next generation of orthodontists at the University of California San Francisco. I have my vices though — usually in the form of surfing, skateboarding, SCUBA and most recently, my pilot’s license. If you see someone walking around with a bow tie and a big smile, it’s probably me. Stop me and say hi!

Dr. Stephanie Purnomo


I’ve treated all sorts of patients (surgical, interdisciplinary, phase I), and I absolutely love the glowing smiles that meet me each time. When I’m not examining smiles, I’m reveling in the mountains, deserts, and trees. I have dreams of becoming a polyglot — so far I speak Indonesian, Mandarin, and a dash of Korean. If you know Italian, teach me!

The office (more like a spa) experience.

No waiting. No painful procedures. No elevator music. Personal attention. Smiles. Stress-free.

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