The International Standard For Teeth Alignment (ICON Index)

The Index of Complexity Outcome and Need (ICON) was created by an international team of 100 orthodontists to develop a single reliable method for measuring a person’s need for orthodontic treatment and also to grade the quality of the results achieved after treatment has been completed.

There are five key components to the ICON standard:

  1. Aesthetic assessment: grade of the attractiveness of a smile.
  2. Upper arch crowding/spacing: how much space there is in the mouth for teeth in relation to the size and number of teeth present.
  3. Crossbite: when the teeth in the upper jaw are positioned behind the lower teeth.
  4. Incisor open bite/overbite: a measurement of how much the front teeth do or don’t overlap vertically.
  5. Buccal segment antero-posterior: assessment of the way in which the cusps of the canines, premolars, and molars fit together.


Great teeth give you something to smile about!

This means that not only do teeth look better after treatment, but also the smiles are more functional. Each and every one of our graduated patients has achieved the highest improvement grade on the ICON index. These phenomenal results would only be possible with precision technology, strong doctor-patient relationships, and personalized treatment plans.

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