My name is Dr. Kjeld Aamodt

You’ll fall in love with the way we do things here.

say no to:
waiting rooms & paperwork
Fall in love❤
with a few clicks on an iPad
You hate paperwork. We hate paperwork. We’ve simplified all of this to a few clicks on an iPad.
say no to:
sticky trays and invasive treatments
Fall in love❤
with non-invasive 3D X-rays and imaging
The only gummy thing in your mouth should be the sugar free, spearmint-type.
say no to:
factories and unknown techs

100% perfect clear aligner smiles

100% of our clear aligner smiles have achieved international ICON Gold Standard outcomes (learn more about ICON).

Sanja Sucevic

Age 30


lateral incisors and deep bite

Treatment Time

6 months

Tony Brown

Age 27


Gaps between teeth

Treatment Time

7 months

Lily Chen

Age 29


Crowding and an edge bite

Treatment Time

5 months

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San Francisco CA 94109
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