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How do clear aligners work?

Clear aligners apply a small amount of pressure to each of your teeth. Each week you change your aligners out, so through a series of slow and intentional movements, your teeth are positioned perfectly.

What are your clear aligners made of?

Clear aligners are made of biocompatible, BPA-free plastic that are specifically designed to fit your teeth at each stage of your treatment. When worn, they are clear and nearly invisible!

Are your clear aligners straight across or shaped to my teeth and gums?

Each clear aligner is custom shaped for you (including your teeth and gumline)! As you progress through your treatment, small variations in each clear aligner gradually move your teeth into perfect alignment.


How do I know if they are right for me?

99% of patients are excellent candidates for clear aligners with Uniform Teeth. Because certified orthodontists oversee each step of your treatment – including important procedures like attachments and interproximal reduction (IPR) – we are effectively able to treat even the most complex cases. 100% of our patients achieve gold standard results, as measured by the ICON Index.

Can I get them if I have an implant?

Yes you can! Our orthodontists will take an 3D x-ray of your implant and plan your treatment with this in mind.

I still have my wisdom teeth. Can I get clear aligners with Uniform?

You sure can! At your initial, complementary in-person visit, our orthodontists will take a detailed 3D x-ray and 3D scan of your teeth and discuss the treatment plan they recommend for you.

I have a missing tooth. Can I get clear aligners with Uniform?

Yes! And we can help close that gap for you too. 🙂

Are there age requirements?

We recommend that patients are at least 13 years old, so that most of their adult teeth will have come in. Beyond that, we like to help people achieve their best smiles at all ages!

Treatment Basics

What do I need to do to start?

Just book an appointment online (Get started), or download our app (AndroidiOS) and go through the simple sign up flow. Or if it is easier, we are happy to help you book too (415) 653-3087. We want to make this as easy as possible for you!

How long is treatment?

Treatment length depends on case complexity, although our average treatment is 6 months or less. A lot of factors come into play – how much each tooth needs to move, the type of movement, the shape of your teeth, and even the shape of your jaw!

How long do I need to wear clear aligners each day?

You really want to wear your clear aligners as much as possible to ensure your treatment goes quickly and smoothly – we recommend 20-22 hours a day for the best results! Be sure to remove your clear aligners when you are eating or drinking to prevent staining of your clear aligners or your teeth.

Can I correct just my upper teeth or just my lower teeth?

Good question. We’ll do our best to work with you as long as your treatment meets clinical standards of care. That said, for best results, you typically need do need to do both. (This helps your teeth fit together properly, and prevents long term wear and tear)!

Do clear aligners hurt?

Nope! That said, you should experience a feeling of tightness or even some mild aching in the first few days of putting on new aligners. This typically means that they are working. However, this should go away within the first few days of each new set. If it doesn’t, message us through the app (AndroidiOS) or give us a call (415) 653-3087, and we’ll help figure out what is going on!

How often do I change clear aligners?

You switch to a new set of clear aligners every week to keep your teeth moving into alignment slowly, steadily, and safely!

When do I get the clear retainer?

You get your clear retainer once you’ve finished treatment. At your final visit, we check your teeth to ensure everything is perfect, and then take a final scan to build your custom retainer!

Do I need to wear my clear retainer all the time?

At the end of treatment, you’ll need to wear your clear retainers around the clock for at least two weeks for your teeth to stabilize. After which point, you’ll wear your clear retainers nightly to ensure they stay in place! Teeth naturally migrate over time (1 mm every decade), so if you don’t consistently wear your retainers at night, your teeth will (slowly) migrate.

How many months do I wear the clear retainers for?

You need to wear your retainers for as long as you want to maintain your smile! Teeth naturally migrate over time, so if you stop wearing your retainer, they’ll slowly move. If you need a new retainer at any point, we’re happy to help with that!

Are clear retainers included in my treatment?

Yes! One set of clear retainers (upper and lower) is included in your treatment free of charge. Subsequent clear retainers can be ordered for $99 a pair.

When is the best time to start whitening my teeth during treatment?

You can whiten your teeth throughout! We include professional quality whitening gel with your treatment so you can slowly and comfortably whiten your teeth!

How long do I leave whitening gel in for?

One hour at a time is plenty! Just wear your aligners with the whitening gel in them for one hour every other day until you reach your desired level of lightness. Usually this is achieved within a couple weeks. If your teeth have increased sensitivity to hot or cold temperature, simply reduce the duration and frequency of the whitening treatment. Sensitivity should be temporary and subside within a few days.

Can I play brass or wind instruments with clear aligners?

Yes you can! Your straighteners are perfectly fitted to your teeth and will not get in the way of any normal activity. 🙂

What are attachments?

Depending on your treatment plan, your orthodontist may place bumps of clear composite material called “attachments” on your teeth. Attachments act like tiny handles to help your clear aligners grip your teeth. They are used to achieve more complex movements than what the clear aligners can achieve on their own!

What is IPR (interproximal reduction)?

In cases where there is mild to moderate crowding of teeth, there may not be enough room to move them without extra help. When this is the case, your orthodontist may want to do IPR (interproximal reduction), in which he or she will gently remove a small amount of enamel from between teeth to create the space needed (0.1-0.2 mm or the width of a hair) . Don’t worry, this procedure is very common, very safe, and has been around since the 1940s!


Who is my care team?

Dr. Kjeld Aamodt is our Chief Orthodontist (certified orthodontist and teaching faculty at UCSF) and oversees treatment for all our patients. He works with a team of amazing orthodontists and experienced care coordinators to deliver the best care possible for each patient!

Where are you guys based?

Our practice is in downtown San Francisco. (999 Sutter Street, SF). That said, because we track your progress over mobile app (AndroidiOS), we treat patients across the country. As long as you can come in for your initial appointment and any follow-up visits, we can treat you. Most patients average 3 in person visits with weekly progress checks over mobile app. 🙂


How many in–person appointments are there?

We do things a bit differently to make life as easy as possible for you. Most members who treat with us will have 2-3 in person visits.

1. Initial Visit– in person visit with a certified orthodontist to assess your dental health, take a 3D x-ray and scan, and agree on a treatment plan together.

2. Follow-Up Visit – we may ask you to come in part way through your treatment to ensure everything is tracking perfectly and make any small tweaks.

3. Final Visit – we’ll ensure your teeth are perfect, do any final adjustments, and take a scan for your clear retainer!

Why do I need an in–person visit?

Yup, we’re sticklers for doing things right! An in-person visit is really important for a few things:

Quality: Most patients (+75%) need either attachments or IPR (interproximal reduction) to achieve a beautiful smile as well as a healthy and functional bite. These procedures need to be done in person by a licensed clinician.

Safety: Your orthodontist needs to get detailed x-rays of your teeth and jaw to ensure that moving your teeth is safe. It’s safe for 80-90% of people, but it can have significant consequences for some folks (infection, gumloss, toothloss).

How long do the appointments take?

Our appointments run on time and are one hour long. We want to ensure that each patient has as much time with the doctor as they need. We can’t wait to see you! 🙂

What are the progress checks via mobile app like?

Each week you take a few quick selfies of your teeth using our app (AndroidiOS), and answer a few quick questions (2-5 minutes total). Our care team reviews each photo and lets you know how you’re progressing. Treatment is a team effort and we love to see how you’re doing!

Why do we do ask for selfies of your teeth before an in person visit?

We want to save you time by having a thoughtful treatment plan ready for you to discuss with your orthodontist during your in person visit. Traditionally, a lot of the visit time is spent with simple record keeping and information gathering – we feel this time is better spent having a meaningful conversation with your orthodontist!

Are the progress checks via mobile app scheduled or on my own time?

We ask that you check in weekly on the app so that we can track your progress together (AndroidiOS). It takes about 2 minutes, and you can do it whenever is most convenient for you!

How long are the progress checks?

2-5 minutes! 🙂

Dental cleanings are recommended every 6 months - is this included in the cost of the service?

Unfortunately, we only provide orthodontic treatment. But we are happy to recommend some amazing general dentists in the Bay Area!

What if I have my own dental hygienist already?

Wahoo! We want you to take amazing care of your teeth. Please let us know who your dental care team is are so we can work together to achieve the best outcome for you. And please keep seeing them for regular cleanings! 🙂


How much does it cost to replace clear aligners?

We can send you a replacement set of clear aligners for $99 (upper and lower).

What are the accepted forms of payment?

We really want to work with you to make treatment as accessible as possible! We accept FSAs, HSAs, most major credit cards, and offer financing options too!

When do I make a deposit?

When you decide to start treatment! If after your initial appointment you aren’t convinced Uniform Teeth is right for you, we won’t charge your card. But we’re confident you’ll be impressed. 🙂

Is this refundable?

Treatment is a big commitment (for both you and us), and unfortunately, it is not refundable once you decide to start. That said, we have incredibly high standards, and we are confident that you will be amazed with the results.

Are there any fees?

Nope. There are no fees beyond your cost of treatment. We pride ourselves on great service and amazing results. 🙂

I'm a returning patient, can I restart treatment?

Unfortunately, your teeth will likely have shifted a lot if you stopped treatment for more than a few weeks, and you may need to be re-evaluated. Beyond a few weeks, we’ll most likely need to start you on a new course of treatment. Please contact us through our app (AndroidiOS) or give us a call (415) 653-3087 and we’ll figure out a plan together!

Are there lab costs?

Nope. There are no additional costs. Yay!

Do you offer discounts or price matching?

From time to time we may offer discounts. Please ask your Treatment Coordinator for more information! 

Can I use flex spending?

Sure can! Our finance team will help you maximize this benefit.

Can I use insurance?

Definitely! Because we are a licensed orthodontic practice, our patients are reimbursed through their insurance. We will provide you with a detailed itemized receipt and can assist you with submitting a claim.

Can I pay in one lump sum?

Absolutely! We offer a discount ($100) for upfront payments!

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes! We work with Klarna to provide a variety of financing options.

How do you protect my personal information?

We take privacy very seriously. Both our office and our app adhere to the strict medical privacy laws outlined by HIPAA.

How do I change my address, email, or credit card information?

This can all be done in your app (AndroidiOS) under the ‘My Account’ and ‘Payments’ sections. If you are having issues, just give us a call (415) 653-3087 and we are happy to help you out!

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