10 Unusual But Fascinating Uses For Toothpaste

Did you know we spend around 106,800 hours or 300 days cleaning our teeth during an average lifetime? That’s only 34 days less than we spend at school! Furthermore and according to research, we spend more time cleaning our teeth than waiting in line (235 days), laughing (115 days), and getting dressed (136 days for women and 46 days for men).

So, while we may spend a little over 3 quarters of a year squeezing toothpaste out of a tube to use on our teeth, because it’s made up primarily of abrasives, detergents, and fluorides, there are other things we could be doing with it. Here’s a rundown of 10 of the more unusual but fascinating uses for toothpaste that you might not know. Do bear in mind, however that these are only suggestions and haven’t all been tested by our team 🙂

Removing crayon from walls

Picture the scene, you turn your back for two minutes and your creative child has portrayed their latest artwork in crayon all over your newly painted wall. What do you do? Reach for the toothpaste of course!

Try applying a small amount of toothpaste to a damp cloth and gently rub over the crayon. You’ll be amazed at the results! Don’t forget to test on a small area first, paying particular attention to high gloss walls.

Brightening up your ‘dip and dazzle’

You might not immediately associate toothpaste with your car headlights, but they really are a good match. If you have scratched, chipped, or foggy headlights then they’re unlikely to be as effective as they should be. To solve this problem, first, give your headlights a good clean. Then, rub a good amount of toothpaste over the surface area. Finally, polish it up with a handheld electric buffer if possible. It works like a dream, apparently!

Who needs silver or brass cleaner?

Speaking of polishing, did you know that toothpaste makes the perfect silver or brass cleaner? It’s ideal for bringing your jewelry, ornaments, and trinkets back to life. Using an old soft bristle toothbrush, apply a little toothpaste and use a gentle circular motion, just like you should your teeth. Then, rinse off any residue and polish with a soft dry towel.

Give your favorite trinkets some brand new sparkle with toothpaste!

Preparing onions, fish or garlic?

Whether you’re a ‘live to eat‘ or an ‘eat to live’ kind of person, we all need food and that means preparing it. Sometimes, when you’ve been overzealous with the garlic or have chopped a ton of onions for that winter-warming French Onion Soup recipe that you’ve been dying to make, you may be left with smelly hands that no amount of hand soap is going to fix. If you think about it, toothpaste often contains neutralizers that target odor-producing bacteria, so try rubbing a small amount of it into your hands and rinsing with cold water. Yep, it really does work!

Defogging your bathroom mirror

Who doesn’t like to check themselves out in the mirror when they step out of the shower? Don’t worry, your secret’s safe with us 🙂 But if you’re fed up with stepping out of the shower only to find your mirror is all steamed up, then you might want to reach for the toothpaste. Simply rub a small amount of toothpaste into the mirror when condensation has formed and then wipe it clean. Hey presto, the next time you step out of the shower, no fogging! 

No need for expensive cream cleansers

Talking of bathrooms, did you know that toothpaste can also be used to polish up sink taps and shower screens, clean your sink and even, remove the odor permeating from your drain. Using a soft toothbrush (an old one of course), simply scrub down and watch grime, dirt, and limescale lift off. It will also save you money because now, you don’t need to pay for expensive cream cleansers.

Scratched CD’s

So, you decide to put on your favorite CD (for those that still use them) and halfway through a great song, it sticks. How annoying is that? Before you throw it away, reach for the toothpaste. Apply a small amount to a lint-free cloth and rub gently over the surface, remembering that too much force may cause damage. Next, rinse off and buff out. Provided it’s a small scratch, this method should work. Well…that’s the theory anyway!

Putting the shine back into your iron

How frustrating is to be ironing a crisp white shirt only to find that the residue left behind on the base of your iron has left a noticeable mark? While toothpaste may not be able to fix your shirt, it can clean the base of your iron so it doesn’t happen again. Simply scrub the toothpaste into the base when cold and then wipe off with a damp cloth. No more frustrating stains!

Toothpaste as a carpet cleaner – Really?

Yes really! Okay so while it isn’t advisable for removing heavy staining like juice, red wine or pet urine, toothpaste will remove a wide variety of small stains provided they’re tackled before they become ingrained. Simply squeeze toothpaste directly onto your carpet and use an old toothbrush to gently dab out the staining. As a top tip, be careful not to scrub as you may spread the staining further. Finally, rinse and pat dry. You may need to repeat the process a few times if necessary.

Regenerating tired shoes

Go on admit it- who hasn’t got a favorite pair of shoes? You know, the ones that have been worn so often they feel like a comfortable pair of slippers. Unfortunately, because they’ve seen plenty of action, they’re undoubtedly looking a little worse for wear, but don’t worry. Toothpaste can remove scuff marks to make them appear like new. Simply use a soft toothbrush and a dab of toothpaste and rub into the scuffed area. Then remove any residue with a damp cloth and leave to dry naturally. No more scuff marks! You can even brighten up a pair of white shoes by using a whitening toothpaste.

So, there you have it, 10 unusual but equally fascinating uses for toothpaste!  Who knew that a product that everyone has in their home can be put to so many good uses!

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